Thursday, 28 November 2013

  • VCT (Virtual Call Tracking)VCT is an affordable web-based marketing solution that enables companies to close the loop between marketing and sales and provide top-notch Customer Relationship Management. It offers not only web-based lead and campaign management but also powerful tools for data mining, sales forecasting and ROI measurement. Sales leads can be passed via the web to all members of your sales and marketing team, including predefined channel partners, sales representatives & field sales managers.
  • Benefits
  • • No call will be missed.
  • • Complete record of each Executive and there follow-up.
  • • Complete record of each Prospect.
  • • Transparency within the Organization.
  • • Ease for the executives to follow their prospect
  • • Region Wise call transfer
  • • Call Recording
  • • Automated Call distribution
  • • Two Way Messaging
  • • Percentage wise call distribution
  • • Option based IVR
  • • Executive wise login option
  • • Extend privilege customer service 24x7 and improve the brand image

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